The Bolivian Marching Affair aka TBMA are premiering a tasty remix with us today from Voltran and Leefo, their fellow mates from Boston, which will be featured on TBMA's upcoming Obsessed EP.  Voltran and Leefo do this electro chill dubstep future thing with this tune and while it's definitely poppy, it's got a little edge to it.  While trying to throw it into a genre or whatever is kind of pointless, that's what we're supposed to do, right?  However you want to classify this stellar remix from Voltran and Leefo, you'd be wise to give it enough shine to give yourself a reminder to revisit as it's one of those that gets better with every listen type thing.  Tastefully heavy and melodic with some pop vocal elements from Parisian Lynn Gvnn appropriately placed make this one really go.  This one gets a huge high five on a Monday.