Nu disco don Tensnake has gained significant renown for a sound that for many hearkens back to what nights in Manhattan could've felt like at Studio 54. However, with trio Sunrise Highway's single "Never Enough" - his latest signing for his label True Romance Records - he pushes the vibes in a post-disco direction, namely a nine-minute drive down 7th Avenue to the Paradise Garage. As the lead single for their May 5 released EP, it literally sounds and feels like absolutely nothing else on the market, an oasis made real with the drop of a blissfully smooth bassline.

Sunrise Highway are comprised of vocalist Amy Douglas and producers Tim Wagner and Nick Chacona, veteran musicians who understand how to access the atmospheric space between pop, disco and pure R&B. Laying beyond the possible ersatz schmaltz of where some may feel nu disco may be headed, the track feels more like Larry Levan dropping the Peech Boys' "Don't Make Me Wait" at the Garage than anything remotely in the realm of disco or "nu disco." For "vintage"-adoring dance fanatics, this is the moment when something sounding like 1981 drops in 2014 and you learn that everything old is new (and fresh) again.