Stagga's one of those names that you should be up on; he represents Cardiff, and has been destroying bassbins since 2008, with Rag & Bone, Slit Jockey, Chrome Kids, and other wise imprints picking up on his sound. He's been silent over the last few years, but recently re-emerged with a new single, "Who Ya Gonna Kill," on his new Fat Fridge label, and it's a three-track full of bangers. As a treat to DAD, Stagga cooked up this special promo mix, running through a grip of his beats, and all three tracks from this new release are featured, amongst a number of Stagga tuness. It's one of those mixes where, if you weren't a fan before, you damn sure are going to be a fan after the fact. We don't know what the future holds, release-wise, for Stagga's Fat Fridge, but with a debut like this? We're super excited. Grab the new single today, and run through the mix down below.


buff gyal riddim
the penny skank
irie vibes
think about that
who ya gonna kill
gimme gimme
wots that
sound killer
the blackness
dim image
the 28th
whatcha kno
the stripped down beard
to your love
snake charmer