Hometown: Aberdeen

Lockah recently relocated from his Scottish hometown to Brighton, a seaside town in the South of England, quitting his day job to focus on music full time. We couldn't be happier he did, because the world needs more of his music, a funky, bouncy blend of influences that range from Miami bass to Italo disco to hip-hop. Having had releasees on Mad Decent, Mishka, and his own label Tuff Wax, Lockah just released his debut full-length, Yahoo Or The Highway on Donkey Pitch. He's made an effort to make a cohesive, flowing album that is worth listening to from front to back, and it's paid off.

Plus, no one is fucking with Lockah's song names right now—how can you not want to listen to a song called "Shark’s Sad Mouth In The 1st Pic."