Hometown: Edinburgh

You wouldn't know that Eclair Fifi is still in school in Edinburgh based on how successful she is—she was on Radio 1's "In New DJs We Trust" roster last year and does the bi-weekly LuckyMe Rinse FM residency, for example—but she's a prolific illustrator responsible for much of the label's now classic artwork, music videos, and styling. And don't let her being a model for H&M's Spring/Summer 2014 campaign fool you, she's been DJing since she was 16 (with a show on Interface pirate radio, no less) and had parents who introduced her to Detroit Techno and Chicago House at an early age. Her sets contain a range that's somehow become her own, one where techno, R&B, garage, disco, and hip-hop effortlessly blend together. Basically, Fifi is unstoppable, and it doesn't hurt that she has the support of her LuckyMe family, was Azealia Banks‘ go-to DJ for her Mermaid’s Ball Party in London, opened for Banks' UK tour, and even has a residency at Paris Social Club. She's a treasure in both the worlds of dance music and visual art; whatever she does next is bound to be exciting.