Oslo's Slick Shoota is certified in this music game.  He's been putting out destructive footwork tunes for a minute, and was pushed by Mad Decent's legendary Jeffree's imprint two years ago, before anyone was sure whether or not it would be a regular thing.  He's giving out freebies quite liberally, and doesn't really need to at this point.  His style is unique, and the records he's releasing are massive.  That said, his footwork / jungle hybrid flip of Finland's Rico Tubbs' "Babylon Fall" is absolutely phenomenal.  The production is clean, and the musicality is phenomenal.  And while London's Bass=Win isn't letting the EP that this will sit on fly until Friday, they gave thumbs up on us releasing this incredible remix for free download.  You can pre-order the Babylon Fall EP right now, which includes the original from Rico Tubbs, as well as remixes from Jack The Hustler and Phatworld.  We're all about pushing freebies and crossing our fingers that fans of real music will round back to support independent labels and musicians.  Slick Shoota's offering for this EP is available for stream or download below: