When we did our previous feature on the producers blending dancehall and electronic dance music one label name seemed to pop up again and again: Mixpak. Even though Mad Decent and the Major Lazer project get so much shine for blending dancehall and dance music, those who really know, know that Mixpak are the ones who are actually pulling it off. Why do I say that? Well a Major Lazer track seems to be a Major Lazer track first and the dancehall aspect is almost incidental. A dancehall music fan, their mind blown by "Pon De Floor" and "Bumaye" would be pretty disappointed to hear some of the other tracks on the albums. I know I was.

Mixpak display a greater respect for the culture. Rather than sit on top of it, they chose to be a part of it. This particular track is a Popcaan track from a Popcaan album and it just happens to be produced by Dubbel Dutch and feature his deep future dancehall sound. Dre Skull produced a whole Vybz Kartel album and it was a just a Vybz Kartel album. They add their sound and vision within the framework and because of that I think they exercise a deeper and, ultimately, more lasting influence. It's a great track and it's nice to hear Popcaan and Mavado together. And it's free.