Back when we broke the news on the forthcoming Platinum Breakz 4 compilation from Metalheadz, we told you that Metalheadz would be setting up a special Platinum Breakz 4 residency here on DAD, and today we're proud to debut the first bit from this union: a sick mix from Blocks & Escher. This duo has been making noise since 2009, with releases piling up on a number of labels, including Digital Soundboy, Horizons Music, and their own Narratives Music imprint. They link back up for "Madness," which is featured on Platinum Breakz 4 and is their first tune signed to Goldie's landmark imprint. They also lead off the residency, bringing us a brilliant 38-minute mix. We'd go into how beautiful this was, but they had some words to say about this mix that we're presenting. Pour through their words, then hit play and get transported with their special Headz x DAD mix.

"Our intention with the mix was to embrace the essence of what we feel Headz is about, the idea of conveying emotion through timeless music. Music brimming with character and nuance.

Mixing for us has never been about simply pounding the dancefloor to the ground or creating trite lulls by throwing in a token 'minimal' track; Drum and Bass' past and present gives us a potent pallette to really create and express the varied emotions and moods often ascribed to traditional music. It’s an injustice not to utilise such a palette.

In the mix we have dipped into tracks almost twenty years old alongside more recent music and stuff completely exclusive to the set. The omission of a tracklist offers no preconceptions to the listener, no preconceived ideas of tracks and of their ages. There's no need to spoon-feed people with this music, listeners just need to listen and be proud of the music they love."