UK native Luthor really should have your ear.  His sound design is absolutely breathtaking, his influence and capability are diverse, and he's consistently making beautiful music.  Most of his records are sitting under 300 plays, and it's absolutely ridiculous given the quality of material he's showcasing.  He's got a release coming out on South Fork Sound in a couple of weeks, and Nick from Mushpost did us a strong one and nudged this wonderful musician in our direction, as well a tune that won't be making it on that EP simply called "119."  It's a left field grime tune with looming synths and crisp drums that isn't quite like anything we've ever put our ears to, resulting in something noticeably different without distancing itself completely from reality.   It's being offered as a freebie in hopes that you'll pop over to Juno to check out those young previews and spend a few bucks to support independent music and independent business.  We urge you to stream, snag, or share "119" below: