Earlier this year, Leikeli47 debuted her LK-47 Pt. 11 mixtape, which essentially packed everything from boom-bap production to more sensitive R&B tracks, and while all eyes are on the New York rapper, she's kept a lot of her identity under wraps.

The first video off the project was for "C&C" which starred Leikeli47 in gold-fronts, a ski-mask, and tights patterned with Biggie's face—it was an anthem for the ladies, and put Leikeli47 on more people's radars off the visuals alone. Today, she's releasing the video for "Elian's Theme, Based On A True Story," directed by Dana Rice. She's back in the mysterious ski-mask in the black and white visuals which feature a number of couples rapping along to the track.

Leikeli47 sounds more vicious than ever on "Elian's Theme" with the hook, "I'm living with the devil it's the deal I made/I told him he could stay here until he got paid..." Watch the video above and look out for more from Leikeli47 over the next few months.

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