Earlier this week, Jay Z took what was perceived to be a slight jab at Drake on DJ Khaled's new record "They Don't Love You No More." Hov raps, "Haters wanna ball, let me tighten up my draw string/Wrong sport, boy, you know you're as soft as a Lacrosse team." The lyric was viewed as a response to Drake joking about Jay Z eating fondue during the Brooklyn Nets vs. Toronto Raptors game that took place a few weeks back.

Jay Z received a response, but it wasn't from who he was expecting. The MLL (Major League Lacrosse) released a statement yesterday calling out Jay's lack of knowledge of the sport. "We don't think Jay Z knows what he's talking about when he calls lacrosse 'soft.' I can guarantee you it's anything but a 'soft' sport." 

While it's clear where the MLL stands, Complex spoke to five professional lacrosse players to find out how they felt about Jay Z calling their sport "soft." Let's just say not all of them were enthused about Jay's recognition.

Rob Pannell, New York Lizards

“Lacrosse players are some of the greatest athletes that professional sports and collegiate sports has to offer. To be able to run up and down the field, change direction, make split second decisions, all while handling a lacrosse stick and taking the physical beating that comes with playing the sport, requires all the athletic attributes other sports require and then some. Lacrosse is a fast paced, hard hitting, exciting game. Not soft. If Jay Z wants to attend a New York Lizards game sometime and see for himself, I would be more than happy to get him some tickets!”

Jovan Miller, Chesapeake Bayhawks 

“I found it humorous, honestly. I love Jay-Z, and Drake is my favorite music artist. I just think it was a play on words, nothing more, nothing less. I mean, most people don't take the time to know what lacrosse is about anyway, so it's easy to knock something you don't try to understand. Jigga Man is the best, so even if he's dissing my sport, at least he mentioned it."

Jerry Ragonese, New York Lizards

“We as a sport can’t attack Jigga Man for his lyrical styling. Lacrosse is labeled as a sport for the ‘privileged white youth’ who often are looked at as ‘soft’ individuals, and has, in the past, been personified by tall, skinny boys with a familiar Baltimore-style haircut wearing pastel colored pants as they drive their parents Range Rovers to practice. Jigga [was] absolutely on point as those were, at one point, stereotypes in the game.

”Modern lacrosse at the college and pro level is a contact sport played by men. Perhaps Iceberg Slim should familiarize himself with the indoor game, where situations like [Andrew Suitor and Geoff Snider's fight] are a nightly occurrence for a paycheck equal to what Hov normally spends on dinner for the family on an average Tuesday. Keep in mind these gentlemen continue to play the game after this fight. Do I take Joe Camel’s lyric seriously as an attack on what I do for a living? Not in the least. Nor do I think anyone would call the guys I play in the league with soft if they were standing in a room within arms reach of them.”

Matthew Bocklet, Denver Outlaws

“I think Jay Z's quote is hilarious and pretty ignorant. Clearly Jay Z has never watched a lacrosse game. It is a much rougher sport than baseball or basketball (his two favorites). I would love to challenge him to a 1v1 battle with full pads and see if he still wants to call a lacrosse team ‘soft’ afterwards.”

Max Seibald, New York Lizards

"It is just a few words in a song, not a big deal. If people within the sport are offended by a comment by someone who clearly doesn't know the game, then maybe they are soft.”

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