Update: We reached out to Lil Wayne's publicist Sarah Cunningham who confirms what Cortez Bryant tweeted earlier today—this is not the official artwork for Tha Carter V, even though it says so on Lil Wayne's Facebook.

Kobe Bryant and Lil Wayne have always shared a mutual respect and friendship for one another, right down to Lil Wayne dedicating a song to the Los Angeles Lakers star. Tonight, Kobe went to Twitter to announce that Tha Carter V is coming, complete with the official artwork. Lil Wayne has used altered baby pictures in the past two Carter albums.

This is a huge cosign for the upcoming album, and shows just how serious Wayne is taking what he's calling his last solo album.

It is fitting that Kobe Bryant is front and center for the promotion for this new album. He is coming off of what many called a career ending injury into possibly his last years as a Laker, just as Wayne is seemingly in the twilight of his own career. There is no release date for Tha Carter V, but expect it to be just as anticipated as the return of the Black Mamba.

UPDATE: Lil Wayne tells us all to "believe" and confirms that this is the official artwork on his FB page.

UPDATE: Lil Wayne's Facebook page confirms that this is ineed the artwork for the album. Carter V is coming soon. 

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