This is a post about Saigon, Vietnam-based artist Khoi's new moombahton single "Selfie Orgasm" from her forthcoming album Saigon Boom Boom. Yes, I'm absolutely aware that this is probably one of the first times that specifically Asian EDM news has cracked Do Androids Dance, but if you're paying close attention to where the money and power *really* are in dance's global boom, this certainly won't be the last time this happens. Billed as "Vietnam's first foray into electronic music, joining the dots from dubstep to dance she puts the ants in your pants," her single highlights a MUCH larger movement.

Moreso than North America, South America, Africa or Europe, the Earth's Pacific Rim may be the ultimate global hotbed of electronic dance music. Stateside producers like Korean-Americans the Far East Movement are already enormous pop production names. As well, Japanese-American Steve Aoki, and Chinese-American Tittsworth regularly tour throughout Asia. Also, regarding moombahton in Asia, a big shout out to Tittsworth for hipping me to just how many Asian EDM fanatics love the sound. Furthermore, if paying close attention, names familiar to EDM fanatics like Jakarta, Indonesia's Angger Dimas and South Korean Skrillex "Dirty Vibe" collaborators G-Dragon (from pop act BIGBANG) and CL (from 2NE1, and also the voice sampled in G-Buck and Saint's underground hit "Gijibae") are also breaking ground in a major way .

With China angling to become the world's new front-line global superpower, Japan having a legacy of being a forward-thinking tech powerhouse, South Korea being a center of global cool, and Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia having populations that truly appreciate the live EDM experience, there's truly explosive potential. Khoi's single is noteworthy not just because it shows the global power of the #selfie movement, or because it's moombahton reaching a new demographic. It's emblematic of the growing strength of EDM in a market that needs more eyes and a gaining underground and mainstream appreciation.