Joe Budden is one of those rappers who might be bigger on Twitter than anywhere else. You probably don't hear him on the radio all that often (he's essentially an underground/independent rapper), he doesn't sell the most albums, or perform in the biggest arenas, and before joining the cast of VH1's Love & Hip Hop, you probably didn't see him on TV all that much. But despite his seeming lack of media presence, Joe is the kind of rapper who always ends up on your Twitter timeline—even if you don't follow him.

You really should though. Joe doesn't just retweet compliments and tweet about where you can buy his latest album. Instead, he actively engages with fans, sharing whatever comes to mind. Just yesterday, he tweeted to his nearly 850,000 followers about how Spanish girls shower and whether he should join ChristianMingle. Whereas most celebrities treat Twitter like a scrolling billboard, Joe uses it to give fans a 24/7 inside look at his life. 

And it's been working. He's so popular, Jay Z—someone he's had a contentious relationship with in the past and doesn't even follow Beyonce on Twitter—recently started following him on Twitter. But once we reported on it, Jay unfollowed him (according to Joe, Jay followed and unfollowed him last year too). So when trying to figure out who to speak to about being heavy in these tweets, we figured Joe would be a good person to speak to. Here's Joe Budden's Guide To Twitter...

As told to Insanul Ahmed (@Incilin)

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