Happy Thursday. Still listening to Drake's "Days in the East?" Same here. 

In other rap news, today we learned that the only person Jay Z follows on Twitter is...Joe Budden? What could this really mean? We have absolutely no idea, but the headline made us laugh.

A few weeks ago, Jay Z only followed L.A. radio personality, Devi Dev. Now it's Budden. Soon it could be just Beyoncé (wait, he doesn't even follow his own wife?) just like Kimye.

The last time Jay Z followed Joe Budden was when he hopped on the "Pump It Up" beat for a freestyle. Despite Jay claiming "I ain’t talkin' to nobody in particular" in his verse, many interpreted his verse as Jay putting Joe in his place. The song's official remix eventually ended up being a mash-up of Jay's freestyle and Joe Budden's freestyle response. 

The two would go on to have a contentious relationship.

When Jay served as President of Def Jam, Joe was struggling to get the label to release his sophomore album, The Growth. That's why in 2007, on Mood Muzik 3's "Talk 2 'Em," Joe rapped, "When the new generation think about Jordan/All they remember is when Iverson crossed him/Take off the blazer, loosen up the tie/Nigga fell in love and superman died."

But we guess that's all behind them now? Either way, we're just gonna bump the remix to "Pump It Up" in the office for old times sake. 

UPDATE: Nevermind. 

[via Our Wonderful Twitter Follower @Riley]

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