The Ibiza International Music Summit 2014 (IMS, for short) goes down on April 16, and they've announced an impressive lineup of conversations between some superstar producers and composers that, frankly, we wish we could be in the room to hear. Created by Pete Tong, the summit is a three-day conference focusing on advancements in the electronic music industry, and features a variety of panels, performances, and presentations that act as the official kick-off to the consumer side of Ibiza's always raucous summer season.

IMS announced via twitter four "in conversation" interview panels, featuring Moby in conversation with David Lynch, Junkie XL with Hans Zimmer, Pete Tong with Giorgio Moroder, and Guy Gerber speaking with Sean "Puff Daddy" (neé Diddy) Combs. To be a fly on the wall for these conversations is a no-brainer — regardless of how you feel about the works of each of the names listed, they're all industry-leaders in one way or another, mostly in fields that they've pioneered on their own. Sure, we can imagine the conversations will be structured to an approved interview format - almost certainly more structured than what led to last year's now-infamous incident between management teams for Diplo and DJ Bl3nd - but the names listed will no doubt have some amazing stories to share.

It's a good look for IMS and we're stoked to see the conversations eventually - lucky for us, IMS keeps a well-curated video page, featuring each of the panel discussions from last year. Though lacking the same name recognition and wow-factor as this year's lineup, you can probably learn a few dozen things about the music industry from the likes of Diplo, Skrillex, and Russell Simmons if you give it the time of day.