Jerome LOL has this uncanny knack of doing some simple things to tunes on the edit tip and making magic. A lot of it is loop based and repetitive but dude just has the touch. Latest in his stellar edit series is a flip of Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek" and of course it's super tight. Taking some minimal vocal stabs and layering them in a way that ultimately sounds like some melodic riser synth action on acid. It's on point, but that's to be expected. Jerome's main reason for tossing it out for free is to promote his upcoming tour with Oneman that kick of next month in Canada. Check out the tune and dates below.

May 2 - Calgary @ HiFi Club
May 3 - Vancouver @ The Fox Cabaret
May 7 - Brooklyn @ Panther Room
May 8 - Denver @ Club Vinyl
May 9 - Chicago @ Primary
May 10 - Toronto @ Studio Bar
May 13 - Los Angeles @ The Echo
May 16 - Miami @ Bardot
May 17 - Boston @ The Middle East