Speaking of Lil Clip—oh hell, it's Lil Flip—for many artists, abandoning your local support can be the kiss of death. Not that Flip didn't have other problems (beefing with E.S.G. and T.I., probably drinking too much lean, and generally releasing weaker material). But he was an artist who built his reputation in his native Texas, recording classic punchline freestyles on Screw tapes like Southside Still Holdin' and generally being a wry, locally-oriented star with a particular talent for funny, familiar imagery and references. Fame distorted his potential; he rapped over Heatmakerz beats, collaborated with Dipset, and made pop jams like "Sunshine" (sample lyric: "I'll treat you like milk, I'll do nothing but spoil you"), ultimately abandoning his core fanbase. There's nothing inherently disastrous for a career "going pop." But doing so without recognizing ones own strengths is a good way to veer off the path to stardom.