One constant at DAD has been the collisions that seem to always be made between the hip-hop and R&B worlds and dance music. From Disclosure being influenced by J Dilla to the numerous rap artists that are collaborating with today's EDM producers, the bridge between these cultures is sturdy and well-traveled. So when a project like Gallagher's Midnight Moves comes along, where he shows his love of the sounds of rap and R&B over snappy dance riddims, I'm all on board. You might know this LA producer under another guise, DJ Sean G, but that truly doesn't matter: you need to get up on these beats. From the "Electric Relaxation"-flipping "Up The Wall" and Tweet-flipping "So Good" to the all-out Mase rework of "Head West," Gallagher takes he familiar and blends it over moombahton, house, and nu disco vibes. This is a gem for DJs in need of transition tunes that will play to a crowd that might love hip-hop and R&B but not necessarily be ready to dive head first into the deeper dance music pools. And it's all free. You're welcome, really.