This truly shouldn't be a surprise; Flosstradamus is the duo who dropped their last mixtape via a vape pen. On 4/20, which is the designated holiday for heads who love to partake of the magical green herb, Flosstradamus presents their Wake & Bake EP, which is four tracks of tree-loving EDM fan dreams. Two of the tracks shouldn't be new to anyone, as they included their juke-influenced dream "Roll Up" and Baauer's massive remix of said cut. Also included is the Travis Porter-featured "Smoke 1," which is a perfect soundtrack for a session with your squad, as well as their huge take on Young Thug's "Stoner." If today is your day, then this EP should be on the top of your rotation. You can grab it for free via (where else) And if you're trying to look fly, they're holding a "baked sale," with 50% off all HDYBYZ and HDYGRLZ merch.


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