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It's never a bad thing to see the hip-hop culture on full display in mainstream America, and that is exactly what happened on tonight's episode of Jeopardy. For the final question tonight, longtime host Alex Trebek and the crew paid homage to Jay Z by asking:

"Salisbury Cathedral's dean said this man, via his 2013 album, is creating a huge awareness of, a historic document."

Now, to the everyday hip-hop fan, it's pretty fucking easy. It's an obvious referance to Jay Z's last album, Magna Carta...Holy Grail, but for two of these three contestants tonight, it was apparently a brain buster. We do have to salute the one guy who did get it right though, and it was only fitting that this lead him to victory on the show this evening. The color commentary from the guy watching the episode was also very much needed.

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