When Swedish House Mafia sold-out Madison Square Garden in December of 2011, a new era in electronic music had finally dawned.  That booking did not cement this new dawn, but the Swedish trio's show was a landmark and a milestone by which we can tell the progression of electronic music's acceptance into the global mainstream.  Since then, SHM has grown even exponentially bigger with documentaries, farewell tours, talk show appearances, and every bit of celebrity possible as the face of mainstream progressive house, and consequently, international dance music's invasion of American pop music.  To put it simply, SHM has attained iconic status and that was uniquely possible with their show as the first electronic music acts to play the World's Most Famous Arena.  Now, just over three years later, they have been and will be joined by the likes of Armin Van Buuren and Above & Beyond as some of the only acts to play the Garden.  That list is short, but it is growing, so while the symbolic significance of playing the Garden though might be lost on many, it's not lost on me. Here are seven acts I'd like to see perform at Madison Square Garden