Dudley Slang is a French producer who you may know as DJ Reyz. If you fox with Moveltraxx, you'll remember him being featured as Dudley Slang on their #DMP6 compilation, but none of that matters. What you need to get in tune to is his unique take on dirty ghetto house music. It's just as vulgar as the dirtiest bits from the juke scene in Chicago or the ghettotech scene in Detroit, but the beats he drops have a different edge to them. This is all about that feeling, and no matter how much "groove" or "bounce" your big body house has, it's just rec room-style house that will remind me of the days when I was too young to be dancing at the grown folks backyard party, but was entranced by the pulsating, adult riddims being blasted. This is taken from Slang's Kaïra City House Music EP, which drops on April 29. Get ready, as we're not done with beating you over the head with his material just yet.