Drake made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight as he took over the "Lie Witness News" for a special "I Witness News." Donning a wig, a fake beard, and glasses, Drake asked people on the streets in Hollywood about what they thought of him. The responses were hilarious. Drake got an aspiring artist to compose a song about him. "Drake yeah I think you suck," the man sang, while Drake added in an "Amen" adlib. As one of the interviewees tries to recite the lyrics to "Trophies," the rapper removes the disguise and lets the fan bug out.

Drake also made a brief appearance on set for Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk about the ESPYs, which he will be hosting this summer. Drake invited the last interviewee to the set. Below is an Instagram video from Junius Parham-Marrero.

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