We're hoping that when the video for DJ Snake & Lil Jon's "Turn Down For What" dropped, people didn't think it was a good idea to fall through roofs and party with the people below. Not to say that this is the case regarding what happened in Orlando last night, but it's just crazy that this actually happened. Word on the Twitters is that during DJ Snake's show at The Roxy in Orlando last night, the roof ended up collapsing:

In peering through tweets about last night's show, a picture was then painted that someone was apparently trying to sneak into The Roxy through the roof and ended up falling in: snake-orlando-tweet

Now obviously this lead to tweets about the police being called...

...and apparently the show got shut down early:

As you can see in this picture, the homey Kennedy Jones was in attendance:

Kennedy tweeted that he ended up being maced by Orlando police:

Leave it to the local news media to come through in the clutch with more details. WKMG in Orlando states that an unidentified man has climbed into the ceiling and started to crawling; some tiles gave way and he fell 17 feet to the ground, breaking his leg, although he might have broken both of them. He was rushed to the hospital for treatment, and the club was shut down around 1:30 AM because of this. As of right now there's no word on what charges (if any) will be faced by this guy.

We'll refrain from coming up with a bunch of "turn down for what" jokes, we promise.