It's with heavy heart that we even report this; word coming to us is that DJ Rashad has passed away. While cause of death (or confirmation of his death) hasn't officially been reported, we received word of Rashad being hospitalized and passing away sometime today. We've reached out to management, agents, and associates, but have not received official confirmation at this time, although DJ Godfather, who was booked to perform at the INHALE ART EXPO with Rashad and Spinn tonight in Detroit, posted the following tweets regarding Rashad:



We'll be updating this post with more information when we receive it. If this is in fact true, this will be a huge blow to the juke / footwork scene.

EDIT We just got word that an official statement on DJ Rashad will be made Monday morning. We've also seen more tweets confirming the news we're hearing; one from Diggy Scott, who put on a show in Toronto last night that Rashad ended up not making (we're hearing due to some kind of paperwork issue at the border), the other from Lit City's J-Cush, who put out Rashad's Welcome To The Chi LP.

R.I.P. to my long time friend DJ Rashad. Great friend & producer. I loved all the music we released over the years. U will be missed!

— DJ Godfather (@DJ_Godfather) April 27, 2014

I just confirmed it. Rashad has passed away. Cannot begin to express how terrible i feel for his friends and family. Rest In Peace my man.

— Diggy Scott (@DiggyScott) April 27, 2014

I lost my best friend today. Love you bro. I can't even breathe. I'll remember you forever.

— CUSHMANℐ-ⒸⓊⓈⒽ❄️ (@JCUSH__) April 27, 2014

broken hearted

— 999 (@kodenine) April 27, 2014

UPDATE ABC News is reporting that DJ Rashad's cause of death is suspected to have been caused by a drug overdose. Word is he was found around 1:30PM in Chicago's Lower East Side, and pronounced dead around 1:50PM. An autopsy is said to be scheduled for Sunday, but it looks like authorities are pointing towards a drug overdose due to there being "both narcotics and narcotic paraphernalia were discovered near the body." It looks like detectives are still investigating his untimely death.

UPDATE UK publication The Guardian is reporting that one of DJ Rashad's cousins told people at Hyperdub that the coroner deems the cause of Rashad's death was apparently a blood clot that started in his leg, and was not drug-related as previously reported by officials in Chicago (maybe that's why the autopsy was inconclusive?). It's said that Rashad had been complaining about an ache in his leg, but due to the fact that he was only in his early 30s, that wasn't a cause for concern to bring him to the hospital. There is also word that the "drug paraphernalia" found at the scene was reportedly marijuana, and not harder drugs.

Hyperdub has since sent out the following tweet:

Please hold fire on these latest reports of the causes of Rashad's death until we have an agreed, official statement - Thank You.

— Hyperdub (@Hyperdub) May 1, 2014

We will keep you posted on more official statements regarding this.