Lido is a producer from Oslo with an EP set to come out on Pelican Fly, the same label that co-signed Sinjin Hawke and Cashmere Cat before their careers exploded. He also broke a quarter million plays through Mad Decent on this LIZ track that he produced, and is within striking distance of stardom. And that's not to mention his Justin Timberlake remix, his Yung Lean remix, and his S-Type remix, all of which have been staples in big sets and they continue to make their rounds as doperemixes of already dope tracks.

His most recent production is one of the most beautiful remixes of the year, flipping Disclosure's "Latch" into a bouncy bass anthem drenched in gospel chords and undeniable feels. His remix was set to go viral, as it was being played and reposted ferociously without the help of a proper PR push, and was covered by a number of outlets within 24 hours of it's release, and for good reason. Lido took one off biggest songs in recent years and made it his own with a new version of "Latch," leaving the house vibes behind for his own bombastic style of enchanting future-styled bass music. It seems as if Universal caught wind of this and reached out to SoundCloud to have this amazing remix pulled from Lido's account.

Before people lash out at the label responsible for this removal, copyright infringement definitely took place here, and Lido didn't have permission to the original record. It seems curious that the label would not allow an up-and-coming, can't miss star prospect like Lido to have his remix out, while they similarly allow lesser acts to capitalize with inferior products. That said, fans of music and artists alike seem quite salty that the organic spreading of music as wonderful as this could be stifled by a major label.  For an artist with only 13,000+ SoundCloud followers to get this kind of response is abnormal. But the remix truly was that good. It's still going to circulate organically, as Reddit and Twitter have been posting dozens of links, and artists are quietly supporting the record by passing the remix around freely between inboxes. While you wait to see if your musically connected friends hook you up, take a look at the chatter that's been going down via Twitter.