Old, stubborn, and convinced that people want their hands on content they can get their hands on, I rarely post previews of anything. And in the case of Slit Jockey's new offering from UK producer DECiBEL, all rules and standards have been tossed out of the window. He's a monstrous producer that our homie DJ Cable actually put us up on well over a year ago with his release on Triangulum, but his sound design has gotten frightening, and his new EP, Game Ain't Based On Sympathy, is nuts. All of the filler has been removed here. This is nothing more than an absolutely violent trap release. Throbbing kicks, piercing highs, looming synths, air horns, and Rick Ross grunts. This four-track EP shifts mainstream trap back to where it was supposed to be before lasers took grasp; straight-forward, hard hitting, no frills goon music. This is coming out on Monday, April 28, and you're an absolute fool if you sleep on it.