Here is your chance to win a piece of history. Today, we are teaming up with De La Soul to giveaway a very rare instrumental vinyl of their recent Smell The Da.I.S.Y. project. This giveaway coincides with the release of the vinyl which hits stores tomorrow, though the group is only dropping 100 of them. The 100 copies represents the 100 copies of beat demos that J. Dilla would send out to artists.

To celebrate this release and "Record Store Day" on April 19, the group has hand picked certain record stores in the US, Canada and UK where the limited edition copies can be found. Want to know where they are? Head over to, where they have laid out some clues to the locations of the stores. If you happen to miss out on any of the copies in the stores, the group will be auctioning off some copies on Ebay, with all proceeds going to J. Dilla's foundation.

Watch a promo video for the release above, and good luck.

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