Munich's Drunken Masters are on the move, and have been crafting some ferocious remixes that have seen support from a list DJs.  This duo are in the middle of ramping up for their second Hour Of Power tape, which features more than a dozen edits and remixes, as well as an original with Willy Joy and a stack of other bangers.  They graciously handed off their bootleg of OWSLA artist David Heartbreak's "Acid Youths," which takes a vibey tune and gives it a bit of a punch with moombahton and vibe feels.  It's available for free download, and best believe we will be following up when their mixtape drops on April 21.  And if you haven't heard the original, or the remixes of these tunes by Rell The Soundbender and Infuze, you should use this time to get your life together.