We figured you guys needed something fierce for your Tuesday, and who better than one of DAD latest darlings, Gillepsy, to give you that plethora of amazeballs sound? Hot off the release of his second Hyperboloid EP, 2014 Online Odyssey, Gillepsy hits us with a mix that spans a number of today's freshest styles, from Jersey club to trap to bass music forms we're not even sure have names yet. And in a totally 2014 way, there's no drawn out progression from genre to genre; you're getting things thrown at you whenever Gillepsy sees fit. He cooks up a number of his own bits alongside material from Vices, Bird Peterson, Ticklish, Slugabed, and others, giving you a great look at the bubbling underground and all of it's amazing sounds. One to ride out to.

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01. Dr Gonzo - Bust Em Up (Timbah's Bootleg) / Unreleased
02. Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch - Good Vibrations (Vices Remix)
03. Gillepsy - iThink / Forthcoming Foundations Recordings
04. Da-P - Strike Out
05. Krimslo x *WALLACE* - Wii In The Building
06. Gillepsy - ??? / Unreleased
07. Gillepsy - Webmoney Webguns & Webpussy
08. DJ Cable - Cartridge (Pixelord Remix)
09. M.I.A. - Yala (Phazz Remix)
10. 813 - LiL Bear / Forthcoming Hyperboloid Recordings
11. Curl Up - Computerus
12. DZA - CATBUG / Forthcoming Hyperboloid Recordings
13. Slugabed - Unicorn Suplex VIP
14. Chiefs x Vaski - On That Fly
15. Boeboe - We Feelin' (Love)
16. BROKENHAZE - Flash Step (Gillepsy Remix) / Unreleased
17. Ticklish - No 1 But U
18. Bird Peterson - Maybe (Bird Peterson Spring Break Bootleg)
19. Raumskaya – 2000 / Unreleased
20. Gillepsy - Esc / Forthcoming Hyperboloid Recordings
21. Addison Groove – Just You