Musicians today compete primarily through repetition.  With a consistent flow of remixes, bootlegs and a few good blogger connections, ANYONE can build a buzz. It's actually stupidly easy when you sit down and see how artists are popping and how others aren't. That said, when a musician goes nearly 12 months without a release, it's usually a death sentence, but not for Bobby Tank.

"Undone" is a high-flying funkified future flamer.  Pardon the corny alliteration, but seriously.  Bobby Tank's new tune takes inspiration and cues from the likes of Rustie, Hudson Mohawke, Wave Racer and the overall oh-so-current neon bass sound that's currently bubbling up for this festival season. The shimmering chimes, the wilding piano riffs, the trap-tastic snaps and cracks - this new single is actually insane when you sit and listen to each element and think either he's programming each note or playing it out with immaculate precision and it's astonishing. This track comes out on MofoHifi on May 12, and is sure to only be the first of many new Bobby Tank tracks we'll be rinsing this year.