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Maybe it's Big Momma's tone, or maybe it's his ferocious personality that seeps through his lyrics but whatever it is, Big Momma's got our full attention with his latest album, The Plague. I first heard Big Momma on Pigeons and Planes last year after the release of his album, Mommie Dearest. Even he will tell you that the best way to sum up being a "gay rapper" is, as Pigeons and Planes EIC Jacob Moore wrote, "Although Big Momma may consider himself a gay rapper, he might want to consider introducing himself as a rapper that’s gay, because no matter how in-your-face the content is, it’s clear that he takes the art of rapping seriously." And that's something you'll get acquainted with after hearing the 24-year-old Florida native's latest album.

There's an explicit manifestation of Big Momma's emotions and struggles running rampant throughout the project, and of course, some more humorous moments like on "Diet Coke." Big Momma is also fascinated with psychopaths and serial killers, and feelings of isolation, which you can sense throughout the album. 

Stream it below:

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