Over the last few years, we've seen the shift in the music industry; it's gone from CDs being king to digital downloads practically phasing out everything. EDM adapts, and has gone from a genre that's been big on mixed CD compilations and vinyl singles to catering to the masses who want high-quality digital audio files. That shift, however, brought with it the rise of illegal filesharing, with piracy playing a part in the downfall of music being purchased across the board. Still, EDM adapts.

Giving away music for free isn't new in the dance music scene, but a number of moves made in the last year can't be ignored. Lables like T&A and Main Course having been making a name for themselves by giving away their releases before putting them up for sale, which is the same thing Mad Decent has been doing with Jeffree's. Skrillex recently announced that his NEST HQ has developed its own free label, NEST. Fool's Gold runs their "Clubhouse," which features nothing but free material from fresh faces. And aside from the regular stream of free releases from DJs and producers ranging from full mixes to studio-quality tracks, it was Mat Zo standing up and saying that he'd be embracing a new system where he'll give away his music directly to the fans. This isn't to say that selling music will ever die, but the benefits of giving away your material for free are too bright to avoid, and we wanted to point some of them out for you.