Hometown: Englewood, New Jersey


You should listen to: "Da Good Book"

Let’s keep it 100, if it weren’t for Cakes Da Killa being gay, rap purists would be drooling over his lyrical skill. The Jersey native was highlighted in Pitchfork’s 2012 story on the burgeoning queer rap scene in NYC and since then he’s been releasing hard-hitting tracks that are effective whether you’re trying to vibe to danceable rap or zero in on the lyrical exercises he puts out regularly. In early 2013, he released his first full-length project, The Eulogy, which falls right into what excites rap fans the most—an unwavering output of pure shit-talking and witty punchlines.

What ironically keeps some listeners away from Cakes is what gets regurgitated in rap the most—sexually charged lyrics. On The Eulogy’s opening track, “Get Right (Get Wet)” he spits: “Pockets stay on swole, peep the muthafuckin’ cashflow/ Niggas pay my loans just to finger-fuck my asshole.” No matter what people’s reasons for not listening are, they’re gonna miss out on one of the most entertaining spitters in the game with Cakes.