With announcement of a new music video for "Sisters," from 2013-released album Nation II Nation, newly Juno Award-winning Canadian/Indigenous production trio A Tribe Called Red are in the midst of their most significant mainstream push to-date. 2014 has been incredible so far, with the release of a video for their Angel Haze collaboration (also called "A Tribe Called Red"), as well as their award win, current multi-city tour (with Bonnaroo date), and talk of their third long-playing release later this year.

With a storyline featuring three First Nations (the term by which aboriginal people in Canada identify themselves) sisters preparing to head to the club, the video is an intriguing and intentional attempt at breaking stereotypes. The Native women in this video are not long-haired Pocahontas clones, nor, as the group says, reduced to "monolithic stuck-in-the-past [pictures] of feather and buckskin." Featuring a rare to the Native community use of female voices at the forefront, soulful PowWow vocalists Northern Voice provide a fresh and empowering take on the modern club banger. This one is a hit for certain.