50 Cent really isn't pulling any punches in his recent interviews. The latest comes from MTV UK, where Curtis was asked about Kanye West's last album, Yeezus. In true 50 Cent fashion, he didn't hold back his opinion of the album, saying:

""That last record, to be honest, I’m not playing it right now. I still play "Flashing Lights," "Gold Digger" and that whole (College Dropout) project. But some of the new stuff is so creative and feels like he’s trying to create a whole new sound."

Curtis continued with, "It doesn't feel like hip-hop to me." He did praise Ye though, saying he is an artist, and that he doesn't have to agree with what everyone else does. 50's new album, Animal Ambition, is set to drop on June 3.

[via MTV UK]

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