Scene from the movie: MC Gusto counts money in a meeting with A. White
Real life examples: Just Google the words "Gucci Mane money" or "50 Cent money"

As a kid, nothing beat being the Monopoly banker. Not only did you have the money, but—if spread the right way—you had a fan. Every kid did that thing where they fanned themselves with $4,000 of play money and acted like they were the shit for being just good enough at math to sit behind the plastic thing. A lot of rappers have not outgrown this tendency: in an industry where everyone feels an obsessive need to flaunt wealth at all times, how could you expect them to act any different?

It's something one sees in almost any rap video. As often as Birdman rubs his hands together, 50 Cent counts money. In fact, his video for "Money" lasts for 3:40. For those three minutes and forty seconds, he and two semi-nude girls sit on a bed and count money, over and over and over. They just can't figure out how much they have! Maybe they simply have too much money to count; maybe they just don't have their short-term memory under control. If so, maybe they should see a doctor.