Scene from the movie: A. White documents MC Gusto behind-the-scenes
Real life examples: From Coodie and Chike (Kanye) to SpiffTV Films and Dre Films (Rick Ross)

While no one in 1993 could have predicted the idea of YouTube, not to mention the sheer breadth and user-friendliness of the tool, CB4 was extremely forward thinking in terms of giving MC Gusto his own documentary team, led by A. White (Chris Elliott). A. White, in an effort to put the guys from Cell Block 4 in the best light, fully commits to capturing MC Gusto's captivating story, be it through snow, sleet, or raining bullets.

And in 2014, if a rapper doesn't have a professional videographer—or at least a friend with an iPhone—recording each and every moment on stage, in the studio, on the tour bus, and fan interaction, is that person really a rapper? So much of hip-hop today is perception, and when building up a persona, trumping up a back story, and establishing a career, rapping might not be a rapper's best bet. Having a member of your entourage who can navigate Final Cut Pro is more important than a hypeman.