Scene from the movie: Sissy says to the other girls on the video set, "See this watch? This is what the right picture of the right man doing the wrong thing can get you...It's fine and dandy to go out with these guys, and it's fine and dandy to drive around in their car and have them take you to an expensive restaurant for dinner, but if all you get out of it is a fuck, then youse a Ho."
Real life examples: Superhead, Kat Stacks

It's a tale as old as time: Eve meets Adam in the Garden of Eden, uses her feminine ways (and perhaps a piece of blackmail) to get a Daytona rose gold Rolex with a black face, a good Fendi fur, some Tom Ford thigh highs, and a crocodile Birkin, and then leaves Adam for the next guy, all while blabbing about being in God's image.

CB4 struck the exact right tone back in 1993, writing the script for girls like Kat Stacks. Video sets today, just as they were 20 years ago, are filled with ladies who're on a mission to parlay a 2-second on-screen cameo into a car, some jewelry, or a baby to keep the money rolling in. (What CB4 couldn't predict: video budgets taking a nosedive in the mid-aughts, resulting in lesser-quality everything, including leading ladies.)