At the end of last night's Ultra live stream, the dates for the 2015 Ultra Music Festival were announced. And while we imagine most EDM lovers are getting ready to go ham, we still have to wonder where the 2015 Ultra Music Festival is going to take place. With reports that Miami Mayor Regalado and other officials and leaders are looking for the UMF/Miami union to end after the horrific trampling of security guard Erica Mack over the weekend, we're not sure where Ultra 2015 will call home. Yes, Ultra released a statement, but it seems like people in power have the ammo ready to start reevaluating this festival's place in Miami in the future, especially when you consider that reports state there were 76 arrests (28 of them being felony charges) and 118 hospitalized over this three-day period.

As always, DAD will keep you posted on future developments with this situation.

(EDM Sauce)