Atlanta rapper Trinidad Jame$ has been on a bit of vision quest lately, making songs with hippy-ish messages and waltzing into controversy over the state of rap and the rap industry. On one hand, it's the kind of stuff that could read as a little unhinged, but it's also kind of an awesomely punk approach that sets Trinidad apart from many of his peers.

He's back it on new song, "Rap Game Ju$t Too Funny," which he decided to share after it was leaked. The song gets a little existential, with Trinidad musing, "My nigga why you rapping? Is you trying to make a change or you just want a chain? I'm just asking." It's a shot at other rappers and fake friends and also kind of himself, and it's over a dreamy beat that makes the whole thing feel like one big frustrated weed reverie. It's sort of stupid and pointless, but also sort of wise and brilliant and amazing. Rather than play up any rap game delusions, he cuts through them.

His friend 31 joins for a feature, but apparently Trinidad was hoping for even more ambitious things with the song. He commented on its story on Soundcloud:

The Real Version. This song got leaked by some Fuck Nigga or Nigga$. If you dont rap then DONT Rap because these niggas to funny. My Nigga 31 (@31grammy) is on the Feature. Wanted to Put Boosie x DMX on here for my album but thats up in smoke now. Gonna just keep cooking. Everything happens for a reason. Amen

Whether there was any realistic chance of a Boosie look or not, if this is the kind of direction Trinidad's headed with his album, it should be fun to watch at the very least. Check out the song below:

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