There are many events in rap history that are either unknown or forgotten, from album releases to deaths to random ass events most of us can't even recall. As an attempt to remember those moments, Complex will share an event that helped shape hip-hop in some minor way. Join us as we look back on This Day in Rap History.

March 23, 1996

On March 23, 1996, outside Palladium nightclub in Manhattan, The Notorious BIG and a friend, Damian Butler, were arrested after terrorizing two autograph seekers by breaking the windows of their taxi with a baseball bat. According to police, the fans had approached Biggie outside of the Palladium where they exchanged words with Biggie before driving off in a cab. Biggie followed them in his car and caught up with them at Union Square West and 16th Street where Biggie and his friend got out of their car and smashed the taxi's windows. Smalls was charged with assault, criminal mischief, and possession of a weapon. He was eventually charged with second-degree harassment and required to perform 100 hours of community service.

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