There are many events in rap history that are either unknown or forgotten, from album releases to deaths to random ass events most of us can't even recall. As an attempt to remember those moments, Complex will share an event that helped shape hip-hop in some minor way. Join us as we look back on This Day in Rap History.

March 10, 2006

The story behind C-Murder (now known as C-Miller)'s murder trial is a complicated one. In 2003, the No Limit soldier was charged and convicted with the murder of 16-year-old Steve Thomas, which his lawyers quickly appealed. On March 10, 2005 the conviction was reinstated by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeal. Exactly one year later, the Supreme Court overturned the conviction and granted Miller the opportunity to appeal and allowed him to leave jail under house arrest. 

What happened during the years that followed are reminiscent of a plot line for HBO's The Wire. In 2009, Miller was convicted of murder a second time by a 10-2 jury decision and sentenced to life in prison. Despite being in jail for the last five years, C-Miller dropped an independent album in 2010 and left behind a wide discography including hits like "Down For My N's" featuring Magic and Snoop Dogg and "Wobble Wobble" with the 504 Boyz.