What Wikipedia says: "Debbie was 14 when she first met 18-year-old Bruce and nearly died during Eminem's 73-hour birth." - Wikipedia

Eminem was born on on October 17, 1972. Okay; knew that. His parents are Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr. and Debbie Nelson. Obviously. He was the only child to his parents. No kidding. Debbie almost died while in labor for 73 hours with Eminem. Oh... Well, that's something.

The Mayo Clinic's website says that, "For first-time moms, the average length of early labor is six to 12 hours." Frankly, we all know that Eminem is not the average human, but seventy-three hours?! Hmmm. Maybe this is at the root of why he and his mother had such a contentious relationship? (Related: Wikipedia would not categorize us as psychiatrists.)

Also, if you're a frustrated fan waiting for Eminem's concert to start, or an impatient devotee begging for an overdue new Eminem album, or a Stan who hasn't received a call or letter from your hero, breathe in and breathe out and remember your Lamaze technique. CAUSE AT LEAST YOU WEREN'T WAITING TO BIRTH HIM FOR 73 HOURS.