What can we really say. The first night of this SXSW 2014 experience with Peligrosa and Karmaloop was absolutely insane.  Volstead was packed to the gills with a line around the block by 10 pm and it seemed like everyone knew it was going to be something special.  Early sets by Peligrosa fam Sonora, Royal Highness, and Keeper set the tone with tasty and diverse vibes that welcomed the eager crowd with open arms, instilling an instant and on running theme throughout the night... this night (and all the showcases for that matter) are going to be different.  As folks started to pour in, recent DAD favorites MSCLS and Jacuzzi laced the room with their unique takes on deep electronic music. Dirtyfinger, who dropped the first set to make me get text messages from people in the room, seemed to be the one that cranked everything up to another level.  His highly energetic set sent the room into a complete frenzy, making everything ripe for Brenmar and last minute addition DJ Sliink to come in and just bury the place.  Latin and Brazilian vibes filled the room for the rest of the night, featuring an amazing live performance from Joao Brasil and Chingo Bling dropping a DJ set full cumbia fire.  Basically, we couldn't have asked for a better kick off event. The house party vibes were THICK.  Check the video (courtesy of Karmaloop) for a little taste of how it all went down.

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