There's a distinct difference between what SXSW once was and what it is now. SXSW used to be known as a place where an A&R could catch a ton of unsigned talent all at once. While that's still the case, that cause seems lost in the midst of superstar cameos and corporate sponsorships in 2014. However, in the past few years, SXSW has gotten people's names buzzing or confirmed that yes indeed, their hype was real and could put on a show.

Complex was down at SXSW for all the music festivities and although we didn't get to attend every show (that's impossible) we did keep hearing a few names over and over again. Sadly, they weren't names we didn't know, but were mostly established stars and rising talent that have already been hyped up enough. When you put thousands of music fans in a small area, they get to talking. So from friends to industry connects to random people we met on line, here's The 10 Artists Everyone at SXSW Was Talking About

Written by Insanul Ahmed (@Incilin)