When thinking about what the recent Rolling Stone cover story on Skrillex would feature, a few things come to mind: Recess (obviously), touring (definitely), what's going on with OWSLA. Those are pretty solid topics, right? Who knew that there'd be an entire bit about Skrillex's (adopted) parents being Scientologists, or Skrillex talking about his "nuanced" relationship with Scientology, including attending an L.A. school that employed "Study Technology," which was developed by L. Ron Hubbard.

As Fuse points out, Skrillex says that while he doesn't consider himself to be a Scientologist, he does feel some type of way about the way Scientology is "attacked in the press," being quoted as saying that "the people that are in it, that are doing it, are people of good will, man. Those are my homeys. Those are people I grew up with." With the way people perceive Scientologists and the religion itself, we can only imagine the beating Skrillex might take on even admitting his association with Scientology.

He does go on to say that he's fond of investigating conspiracy theories online, and for what it's worth, his time associated with Scientology and studying aliens plays into his fascination(s) with aliens and space. Another interesting layer added to the Skrillex canon.

(Fuse, Your EDM)