Basically, Skrillex is winning, even if the sales of Recess won't reflect that (not that he cares, he's reiterated his stance that this is "more about the fans"). In his upcoming Rolling Stone cover story, the publication revealed that they'd actually been invited to Skrillex's LA studio in late 2013 to hear a "secret album" that ended up being Recess, getting the lowdown on the idea for the rollout of the album tracks being done through an app.

While Rolling Stone's tease is light on any real meat, they do mention that Skrillex shot down the idea of making the release some kind of "Easter egg." And interestingly enough, there's a hint that future material might be distributed via this app. Outside of Skrillex speaking on his love for k-pop, the only other meaty bit is Skrillex calling his tunes "vibescapes": "There's always a foundation under the tracks that you can feel and pick up on. An emotion. There's a lot of organic samples: wind, breaths, clocks cut into tiny pieces."

If you just can't get enough Skrillex, you can hop on over to NME and check out their piece on Skrillex and Recess, where he spoke to them about everything from not trying to do "a Beyonce" with Recess' release to trying to get that nostalgic feel back with this project. You can also check out this Dazed piece from the other day.