A new song from Delaware rapper Jem Cretes is causing controversy for its inclusion of a ScHoolboy Q verse. ScHoolboy tweeted earlier today that the verse that ended up on "Hustle 101" comes from 2012, and that it was a "stolen session." "I didn't do a song wit dat niggaH!!!!" he said. He went on to say that he and his Black Hippy crew would no longer do any interviews with websites that posted the song despite knowing the verse was old.

Jem Cretes has since responded to ScHoolboy's tweets, saying that there was "no theft" involved in using the verse. He further accused ScHoolboy of owing another person money in relation to this verse and another unspecified business transaction.

Jem Cretes has had a lengthy relationship with ScHoolboy's label, Top Dawg Entertainment. He directed the video for "Kendrick Lamar," the title track off of Kendrick's eponymous EP which came out in 2009.

[via AHH]

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